Local manufacturing: a commitment, today and for a long time to come

April 2022

Since its creation, KLAP was intended to be a new industrial model that was competitive, fair and local. This local dimension, far from being a marketing gimmick, a kind of ‘local washing’, is for us a real commitment that makes sense in a long-term vision.

Changing the model

Because doing business today means helping to shape the world of tomorrow. Europe has realised that it can no longer project itself into the future on the basis of a single, uniform model of a hyper-globalised market with all the excesses that this entails.

In many sectors, more and more companies are showing a willingness to make a different choice than importing cheap products from the other side of the world with no added value, no real traceability, and often manufactured by exploiting human and environmental resources.

The advantages of local manufacturing

At KLAP, we believe in an efficient and virtuous economic model, based on the advantages of local manufacturing and the short circuit. Our two production sites for sanitary protection equipment (one near Geneva and the other in Brittany) are proof of this.

This local production can enable Europe to regain its independence in a sector as essential and strategic as sanitary protection.

By controlling 100% of the manufacturing process of our products (from the production of the main raw material, the filter medium called meltblown), we ensure our independence from the vagaries of the market for imported products. This guarantees our customers a continuous supply. With KLAP, you’ll run out of ideas before you run out of masks!

So yes, having our products manufactured elsewhere could be much cheaper and would allow us to make a significant margin, but this is not our business model. Our margin, even if it is more modest, we reinvest it, among other things, in research and development to innovate, invent new, more ecological materials, and modernise the means and techniques of manufacturing and recycling. An innovative, ecological and qualitative vision is the model we want to perpetuate.

KLAP does not only care about its products but also about those who make them and those who use them. Here again, the choice of local manufacturing makes sense in a vision of the future. Producing locally means creating jobs and therefore supporting the economy in the regions. It means promoting the know-how of men and women who are proud to manufacture products with high added value.

Finally, for our customers, local manufacturing, in a short circuit, is the assurance of a privileged relationship and a quality of services: tailor-made offers, adapted logistic solutions, immediate consideration of remarks and requests.

Thus, if everyone plays the game, producing locally can become a profitable, sustainable and win-win economic model.


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