LOD’AIR is an innovative solution that combines lighting with a secure air disinfection system.
LOD’AIR is an air purifier, it disinfects the air with light.LOD (Light of Disinfection) combines for the first time a light system (LED) with a disinfection technology based on UV-C LEDs approved by scientists and used for more than 50 years in hospitals and clinics to decontaminate rooms, operating theatres and surgical tools, in water treatment plants to make water drinkable, or in the food industry.

This new patented LOD technology responds to the concerns of all company managers, concerned about preserving the health of their employees, but also of all places receiving the public: health professionals, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, nursing homes, shops, sports halls, hotels, etc.

>I Eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
>I Disinfects a room of 13 to 120 sq m in 1 hour
>I Disinfection of the air in human presence

Ventilation system draws in the ambient air and passes it through a tube in which it is exposed to UV-C rays. At the end of the circuit, the air comes out of the tube completely purified and free of any viruses or bacteria. WITHOUT FILTER!


Coupled with an LED lighting system, our Light Of Disinfection technology uses UV-C to disinfect the air in a closed environment.
The stale air is drawn in by a ventilation turbine, which leads the flow into a tunnel equipped with UV-C (Light Of Disinfection). Under the effect of the UV-C, the DNA of these molecules is destroyed and viruses and bacteria are eliminated. The disinfected air then circulates in the room, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.
The innovation lies in the ability to disinfect the air in a room in the presence of humans without any danger to our health.


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