Jean-David Rustant LOD'AIR

Disinfecting the air yes, but why exactly?

July 2022

Klap does not only manufacture masks but also offers LOD’AIR disinfection lamps. What are the benefits of these air fresheners? We interviewed Jean-David Rustant, KLAP’s Product Manager.

KLAP is known as a manufacturer of respiratory masks. Why do you also offer disinfection lamps?

Jean-David Rustant : To be exact, KLAP provides sanitary protection solutions. Our objective is to provide our customers with a global solution for their sanitary needs. This includes a range of complementary equipment, each with the respective function of cleaning, detecting, disinfecting or protecting. So, while masks protect, air purifiers disinfect.

What is the principle of these LOD’AIR disinfection lamps?

J.-D. R.: 95% of viral infections are transmitted from one person to another by air. The idea is therefore to permanently disinfect the atmosphere in shared work spaces (offices, workshops, meeting rooms) and in places open to the public (schools and health establishments, waiting rooms, sports halls, shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.).

LOD’AIR purifiers (LOD for Light of Disinfection) combine an LED lighting system with UV-C disinfection technology. Indeed, these Ultra-Violet Cs have long been known for their ability to destroy viruses and bacteria by destroying their DNA or RNA.

In concrete terms, how does it work?

J.-D. R.: Absolutely not. The air purifiers can work in the presence of people in the room. There is no risk from exposure to the UV-C that is “locked” in the luminaire.

Isn’t it dangerous for people?

J.-D. R. : Absolument pas. Les purificateurs d’air peuvent fonctionner en présence de public dans la pièce. Il n’y a aucun risque lié à l’exposition aux UV-C qui sont « enfermés » dans le luminaire.

Is it noisy?

J.-D. R.: No. LOD’AIR devices emit 15 to 24 dB (33 dB for the most powerful), they are quieter than an air conditioner.

What is the efficiency of a LOD’AIR lamp?

J.-D. R.: Depending on its power, a LOD’AIR lamp can treat a room of 15 to 120 m2 in one hour (under a ceiling height of 3 m). It eliminates at least 99% of the viruses and bacteria present in the air. This efficiency has been tested and certified in a French P3/P4 laboratory.

Is an air purifier easy to install?

LOD’AIR has designed models of lamps to be fixed (ceiling lamp) and nomadic versions to be placed (table lamp and floor lamp). Very easy to use, they can be moved at will from one room to another. There is even a version for cars: the diameter of a soda can, it plugs into the cigarette lighter!

The LOD system is filterless and has a service life of 15,000 hours.

An innovative, patented solution, designed and manufactured in France: LOD’AIR disinfection lamps are the answer to purifying the ambient air in companies and public places.


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